Lot of Robots Pajamas - Lilala KIDS
Lot of Robots Pajamas - Lilala KIDS

Lot of Robots Pajamas - Lilala KIDS

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Your little boy is filled with big ideas and creative inspiration as he prances around the house in his Lots of Robots cotton boys pajamas, inspired by the blinking lights and moving parts of mechanical men. When your little inventor finally comes to a standstill, you'll turn to find him fast asleep because these ultra-soft Pima cotton jammies are sure to do their job in making him feel comfortable.

  • Made in Peru from Peruvian Pima cotton: the finest cotton in the world
  • No buttons, zippers or scratchy embroidery that may cause discomfort
  • No neck tags that can irritate or scratch necks
  • No drawstrings around the waist but wide, soft elastic for comfort
  • Ideal sleepwear for kids that may suffer skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis
  • Great quality pajamas can be handed down to other siblings in excellent condition

Water-based dyes, no chemicals used

  • Our garments are GOTS and Fair Trade certified
  • The cotton used to make this garment was hand-picked in Peru to avoid any damage to the fibers or impurities regular mechanical harvesting can leave behind
  • 100% organic cotton and eco-friendly dying processes means there are no chemical nasties against your child’s skin while they sleep
  • Lilala KIDS pajamas are NOT treated with flame retardant chemicals, so please keep away from fire